Radio Schedule

Survive2Thrive. net radio – Show and Host Schedule

All shows are at 6 pm – 7 pm

Zen Water

Monday thru Friday at Central – STANDARD TIME

Monday: Speak up And Stay Alive!, Pat Rullo

Tuesday: Nurse Amy and Doctor Bones, Bloom and Doom

Wednesday: Boiling the Frog Slowly, Pat Rullo

Thursday: Hawk

Friday:  Hawk 



To listen live Click the button ABOVE – this will open a another page where you can listen with a flash player.


NOTE: To listen LIVE using  ANY media Player already installed on your computer – This will take several quick steps

  1. When you click on the link it will ask you to download & save a file ( SAVE THIS FILE – this will be  .asx file)
  2. Go  click on the saved.asx  file  < this will open the streaming player on your computer
  3. Now your media player should then open up and allow you to hear the live broadcast

Click here for archived shows (coming soon)

STREAM 1 (free)
20 Kbps, Windows Media
STREAM 2 (free)
20 Kbps, Windows Media
STREAM 3 (free)
20 Kbps, Windows Media
STREAM 5 (free)
20 Kbps, Windows Media
STREAM 6 (free)
16 Kbps, MP3
STREAM 9 (free) NEW!
16 Kbps, MP3
STREAM 8 (free) NEW!
20 Kbps, Windows Media
Streams 4 and 6 are best on a dialup connection.Streams 4, 6 and 7 always run the full live show if Steve runs over on time.

Need a free player?

Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT

RealPlayer 7.0 or Higher for Mac plays Winamp filesRealPlayer 7.0 or Higher for Mac plays Winamp files

UNIX Linux, Free BSD, Solaris, Linux / PPC, AIX, Irix
X Multimedia System (XMMS)