When we hear about the current conflict in Syria/Iraq involving ISIS, US Coalition forces and Russia I don’t think we are hearing the truth of the situation, big surprise!  The ‘Cold War’ is back and running at full speed seems like, just the theater of operations has changed.  Proxy wars with new ‘enemies’ make this an ‘interesting’ and dangerous theater.  And, now with  Russia placing more troops on their borders with NATO countries and NATO is responding, we could move out of proxy fights to direct conflict.

Everyone is against ISIS, or so they say, but then we also have Assad in Syria and that ‘civil war’ going on virtually on top of the ‘war’ against ISIS.  So now enter all the players, Russia backing Assad and throwing military might, weapons, aircraft etc to the ‘civil war’ but not stating that they are joining the coalition forces against ISIS-that would be just too contradictory since the ‘coalition’ forces are directing all their military might, now troops as well (U.S. troops anyway) against ISIS and supporting the ‘rebels’ against Assad.  As you know the the U.S. has publicly denounced Assad as being a despotic dictator who must step down and have democracy.

It seems that the U.S. can’t learn from a long series of mistakes in the Mid East where democracy doesn’t always end up being what we think it should be, especially when you look at who ends up in power.  Worse, even when democracy is not the end game (supposedly), just getting rid of someone Washington doesn’t like has ended up badly, ibid, Libya and any number of African countries.

Then add Russia’s overtures to Iran, also a Syrian ally, and you have one huge melting pot of disaster.  Sunni vs Shiite-Russia vs US/NATO vs ISIS and Syria but not so much Iran now.  In my opinion the situation in Syria and Iraq is a virtual powder keg just waiting for a reason to go off in a very big way! There are far too many variables known and unknown that could very easily spin out of control.

Just my opinion!