‘ 7 Secrets IRS Doesn’t Want You to Know ‘… Secret # 1


Secret Number 1: “Getting or Having a Social Security Number is Strictly Voluntary”! It is fair to say most Americans believe that getting or having a Social Security Number is mandatory. Regardless, it simply isn’t the truth! The few who suspect it is ‘voluntary’ will quickly concede that it seems one can’t do much of anything any more without the number.

Nowadays, everyone asks for ‘our’ SSN, The voices who warn, particularly in this age of Identity Theft, nefarious hackers, NSA snoops and countless internet enticements to ‘be careful’ are faint and otherwise unsuccessful in swaying the multitudes to think before they rush to satisfy their ‘wants’ and get what handing over their SSN promises to provide. For most of us, we seem to be so focused on what we want that we just don’t care about the consequences.We seldom think twice before we surrender our most cherished asset; our personal sovereignty!

In fact, there is no ‘Primary Law’ in the United States that requires us to obtain or even use a Social Security Number!!! As is clearly stipulated in the Social Security Act of 1935, “…getting a Social Security Number is ‘Strictly Voluntary'”.

Furthermore, the Social Security Administration is required by law, to this day, to inform mothers of newborns and all others looking to apply that the program is ‘Strictly Voluntary’. Those who operate believing otherwise are the result of the IRS’s 75+ year historic propaganda campaign to usurp tax revenue, at all costs, by way of a ‘nonconstitutional’ corporate culture.With all principles embodying ‘constitutional protections’ and common sense we have built our way of living and pursuing prosperity on a ‘fiction‘. When we opt to apply for and obtain this ominous number, we in law, alter our common law birth right citizenship and, in fact, instead become franchisees of a ‘foreign corporation’, i.e.; the Federal Government thus opting into the ‘Federal Zone’. In turn we become minions of privilege and class and are forever regulated and taxed under the guise of ‘doing the right thing’, while all along we are in fact, continuing to blindly partake in immoral and unlawful activities.

Congress, as recently as the Privacy Act of 1972, has continued to support this truth wherein it states “…discrimination by employers among others against those who,for various reasons, choose not to obtain the number is unlawful”. Sadly, before the ink was dried on this historic accomplishment, society made an oblique turn and ambitiously pursued the ‘credit card’; a 24ct privilege, which was introduced in America in 1972-73.

Subsequent generations quickly ignored the efforts of our grandparents and ‘card burning’ protesters of the 60’s to preserve and maintain personal sovereignty. These and other activists of their time knew well and their fears were clearly justified what beings we would become and what freedoms and dignities we would eventually surrender if ‘We The People’ didn’t hold the line on this ‘social engineering scheme’ which we should admit by now benefits a few at the expense of the many.

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