Fukushima Is Getting Worse!
Too Important Not To Share

Apparently the cover up continues around the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster that occurred in 2011.  This is without a doubt the largest catastrophe to occur on our planet in recorded history.  The reason being that no one knows, obviously or it would already be fixed, how to somehow create a remedy for the incredible amounts of radiation that continues in these melted reactor cores.

 I last wrote on this subject August 22, 2013 and this situation has just recently been deemed newsworthy by our esteemed media companies! That this incident has disappeared from the public eye is to me nothing short of criminal.  This has become a planetary disaster!!  The Pacific Ocean is becoming more and more ‘radiated’.  Sea life of all types are showing higher and higher levels of radiation.  

 The radiation levels are not going to diminish anytime soon given the fact that the Japanese authorities still cannot get close enough to actually see the extent of the damage including the melted fuel rods. Robots can’t even come close enough before failing due to the radiation!  I wrote back in 2013 that you can’t believe a word that the Japanese authorities/TEMPCO say and until last week nothing was being reported at all!!

 Seems like we the people are being treated like mushrooms, in the dark being fed S#$t! I am more than a bit incensed as you can tell.

 What to do?  The only thing all of us have control over is our own actions.  Start by taking care of yourself, cut back on consuming anything coming out of the pacific ocean.  Read up on radiation contamination and how you can prevent and/or recover for exposure.

 I have written before that a non processed basic food diet such as brown rice, lentils, beans etc and spirulinas, seaweeds such as bladderwrack, dulse and kelp (not coming from the pacific ocean), mushrooms and herbs all contribute to a detoxing, alkaline diet that will help you maintain your health!

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