As everyone knows the news is full of great news!  Police being shot (black lives matter even though more white people get shot), RNC quite contentious (either growing pains or self destruct agony), NATO member nation stages coup (at least that is my opinion) and mainstream news promotes Hilary (let’s elect a criminal for President!)

As I live and breathe it never ceases to amaze me how really awful the situation world wide has become.  I am always hopeful that things will change for the better.  Days like this make a bit cynical though, maybe just not enough sleep I hope.

The good news:  unemployment continues to fall to lowest numbers in a very long time, oh yea since the Government number guys quit counting everyone that just gave up!  Real number according to some very well respected economists – 23%.  The stock market is climbing and has hit new highs recently, free money buys a lot of stuff including real estate.  Remember 2007 and 2008?  Are you ready for something that might shape up to be much, much worse?  Oh yea, and we are going to accept Syrian refugees!  Look at what is happening in Europe with all the influx of refugees!   I urge you to think about it!